Guided tours

Guided tours in the municipal offices

We’d like to make you acquainted with our new municipal offices. As an organisation (company, foundation, society, club) you can register for a guided tour. Guided tours are possible only on Wednesday afternoons or Fridays. A guided tour takes about 90 minutes and is free of charge.

Please send your application at least 14 days before the desired date.

You can choose from the following guided tours

  1. Standard
    You get a glimpse of the workplace of the Municipality of Venlo, the building and get to know the cradle to cradle aspects 
  2. Architecture, building
    Besides the standard tour you get extra information on the construction project and sustainability.
  3. Cradle to Cradle
    During this tour we go deeper into the cradle to cradle aspects. Why was it chosen and how does it work?
  4. Schools
    A program adapted for students depending on the level and the subject that needs to be dealt with.
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Please note
The guided tour is free of charge. However we incur costs planning and preparing the tour. If you cansel within 3 days before the tour, we will charge a fee of € 100,-