8000liter rainwater harvested
15000kWh solar power use
9720m3 air circulation
3120hours artificial light saved

City Hall Venlo

More than merely sustainable.

The municipal offices in Venlo are situated in a unique building, because they were designed and built based on the principle of Cradle to Cradle (C2C). There is no such thing as waste. All products are a seedbed for something new. Products are designed such that, after being used, the base materials can be used again. Cradle to Cradle is about adding value. A product is designed to deliver a benefit for mankind, the environment and the economy.

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How does the new city hall work?

The new municipal offices are full to the brim with minor and major C2C solutions. This tour takes you with it through those solutions. At each solution, you get a brief explanation. Start the tour or download the overview with all the solutions at a glance.

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Building according to Cradle to Cradle priciples

Cradle to Cradle


The performance of the building is continuously and visibly monitored. That contributes to the awareness of the employees and lower energy consumption.


The design took account of application of techniques that will be available in the future. The C2C ambition can grow with it as more becomes possible.


Ahead of the project, the council paid lots of attention to the composition of the right design team with the right ‘mindset’. Normally, the architect in a tender is chosen based on a design. In this case, the firm of architects was chosen based on their vision on C2C and sustainability.

Heart of the building

Heart of the building

The administration level and the restaurant are situated at the heart of the building (the plaza) to get people moving.

Communication stairs

Communication stairs

The stairs get employees moving more and stimulate communication in the building.

Green elements

Green elements

The green facade purifies the air. The roof garden and greenhouse provide for a pleasant working environment. The green interior wall in the common-use spaces promotes a healthy indoor climate (humidity, oxygen, acoustics).


The technical (south) facade is in aluminium and is fully reusable without loss of quality. The biological (north) facade consists mainly of green planting. The pots the plants sit in were specially designed for the green facade and are C2C certified. The inside facade behind it is in wood and thus environmentally friendly and reusable. The concrete consists partly of recycled concrete, with C2Ccertified additives as an environmentally positive alternative.

Het beton bestaat voor een deel uit gebroken en gebruikt beton; met C2C-gecertificeerde chemische substantie toegevoegd, als milieu-postitief alternatief.


Waste segregation and management.



The C2C principle was also applied in the interior. Below are a few examples.

Office chair

Sitting comfortably and healthily, fully recyclable (C2C certified).

Office chair
Floor covering

The floorcovering is made of plastic bottles: re-used materials, fully recyclable.

Floor covering
Customized furniture

Frequent use of rubberwood (recuperation of the tree after a life as a latex donor. Trees are replanted).

Customized furniture
Office worktops

Made of rubberwood (C2C certified)

exploit Water

Exploit water

Produce Energy

Produce energy

Purify air

Purify Air

Cradle to cradle in the Venlo region

Venlo sees C2C as an economically innovative principle with the highest possible form of sustainability as a result. The region plans to grow to become the C2C Valley.

By embracing the C2C principles, the Venlo region intends to

  • realise economic growth,
  • raise the education level of the (working) population
  • stimulate innovation
  • attract investments
C2C in Venlo

Case studies

In these case studies we take you with us into the development and maintenance of our municipal offices. Developers, building contractors and consultants talk about the choices they made during the construction of these splendid municipal offices.